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When it is time for a timber harvest, Advantage Forestry can insure that you receive a quality timber harvest that will leave you with a healthy, beautiful forest for future harvests.
In accordance with your objectives for the timber sale, Advantage Forestry will measure and mark the trees to be harvested, then provide you with a detailed inventory and evaluation of these trees.
By bidding out your timber to our long list of qualified buyers, we can make sure that you sell the selected timber at the highest possible price.  We will monitor the timber sale to insure that it is harvested safely and properly.
At the conclusion of the timber sale, Advantage Forestry will inspect the sale area to insure it has been properly cleaned and seeded so that your woodlot remains an attractive forest for your enjoyment.  Our timber sales administration services include:
Forester measuring the diameter of a tree
  • Woodland examination and walk through with landowner
  • Establish landowner's management goals and objectives
  • Measure and mark trees to meet management goals
  • Review inventory data with landowner
  • Prepare timber sale advertisement and send to perspective buyers
  • Conduct a timber tour for interested buyers
  • Receive sealed bids
  • Evaluate bids with landowner
  • Negotiate timber sale payment and contract
  • Hold pre-harvest meeting with timber purchaser
  • Insure compliance with all state and federal laws and permits
  • Insure timber harvester has adequate insurance
  • Conduct inspections of timber harvest area
  • Provide landowner with progress reports
  • Insure harvest cleanup and seeding are satisfactory